Workers Comp

At the Ross Center for Orthopedics, we understand the issues associated with Workers Comp cases and sympathize.

We are committed to providing our workers' compensation patients with the highest level of caring treatment and sound clinical judgment. We will make every effort to ensure that your experience exceeds your expectations.

In managing your work-related injury or condition, we will work closely with you, your employer, your case manager, and the workers' compensation carrier toward the best health outcome for you.

We will provide an objective clinical assessment of your return-to-work plan and assess your possible need for a restricted-work or “light-duty” period and, as appropriate, we will provide the information and resources you need to help you prevent further injury.

The Ross Center for Orthopedics also has full capabilities for reporting and documentation to comply with workers' compensation requirements, or, if warranted, to support a possible disability determination. Our focus is on helping you get your livelihood and your life back on track.

Nurse Case Managers - Resources

At the Ross Center for Orthopedics, we understand the complex responsibilities that nurse case managers have: 1. Being the patient’s advocate for the best possible health outcome and 2. controlling costs for the employer and/or insurance carrier.

We are pleased to provide orthopedic care for workers' compensation patients, and to be a resource to help you, the nurse case manager, fully meet your responsibilities to all parties. Our emphasis on conservative treatments and minimally invasive outpatient surgeries benefits your patients with responsible, state-of-the-art care, while also creating cost-control benefits.

We offer the following to support your coordination of Workers’ Compensation Benefits:

  • Singular focus on the patient’s well-being and their desire to get back to work as soon as possible.
  • Conservative approach—we only recommend surgery when it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Exclusive Ross Quick Note service to efficiently keep the Nurse Case Manager and employer apprised of the patient’s progress.
  • Dedicated Workers’ Compensation Coordinator to work closely with Nurse Case Managers, who are always welcome at our office!

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