Ankle Fracture

Ankle Sprain and Instability

Bones are the hardest tissues in your body. Although bones are strong, they can split or break under too much pressure or force. A broken bone is called a fracture. Fractures can occur in a variety of ways. The most common causes of fractures are injuries, prolonged stress from overuse and bone weakening diseases, such as Osteoporosis or tumors.

There are many types of fractures. They can range from a hairline crack to a bone that has broken into several pieces. Simple fractures may only require casting or splinting treatments. More complex fractures may need surgical intervention to align the bones for proper healing.

Ankle Fracture Symptoms

In some cases, a snap or cracking sound may be heard when a bone fractures. You may feel sharp, deep or intense pain along with numbness or tingling. Your skin may swell, bruise, or bleed.

The place where your fracture occurs may look odd, bent or out of place. Sometimes a broken bone may come through the skin. You may not be able to move or put weight on your limb or joint, or you may do so with difficulty.