Flexor Tendon Injury (Hand)

flexor tendon injury

A flexor tendon injury occurs when the tendon is cut or ruptures. The flexor tendons attached at the palm side of your fingers and thumbs. They allow your finger and thumb joints to bend, grasp items, and perform fine coordinated movements. The muscles that control these tendons are in the forearm. Lacerations, other trauma, and rheumatoid arthritis are the primary causes of flexor tendon injuries.

Flexor tendon injuries can cause loss of movement, pain, and swelling. Flexor tendon injuries require surgical repair. Splinting and hand therapy rehabilitation usually follow surgical treatment.

Flexor Tendon Injury (Hand) Symptoms

A flexor tendon injury can cause your finger joints to feel painful and swollen. It may be difficult or impossible for you to move your finger. You may not be able to bend your finger joints. Nerves are located very close to the flexor tendon. If the nerves are injured, your finger may feel numb.