Hallux Rigidus

Your big toes help you maintain balance. They receive a huge amount of stress each time you walk, stand, squat, or climb stairs. People with degenerative arthritis may develop a condition called hallux rigidus, meaning a “stiff big toe.” Hallux rigidus occurs when the joint at the base of the big toe wears down and makes movement difficult. Hallux rigidus is a progressive condition, and over time, the toe may become very stiff. Early treatment is important and may help prevent the need for future surgery.

Hallux Rigidus Symptoms

Hallux rigidus causes a stiff and swollen big toe. The pain tends to become worse during activities. A bump or callus may develop on the top of your foot.

Hallux rigidus is a condition that gets worse over time. Eventually, it may be very difficult to move your big toe. It can affect your ability to walk, stand, and participate in your regular activities. Your toe may feel painful even when you are resting.