Wrist Fracture

Wrist Fracture

Wrist fractures are a very common type of orthopedic injury and most often are the result of a fall. When we fall, it is our natural instinct to stretch out our arms in an attempt to cushion ourselves. However, this can result in our full body weight landing on our wrists.

When we fall our wrist, we cause our wrist to receive two forceful impacts. The wrist contacts the ground first, followed by a second impact of the full weight of our body. The position of the wrist during impact will determine the type and location of your wrist fracture.

Wrist Fracture Symptoms

Symptoms of a Scaphoid Fracture can be mild and differ from person to person. You may think you just sprained your wrist, since a Scaphoid Fracture may cause a little swelling but no obvious hand deformity. A Scaphoid Fracture can also cause swelling, pain or tenderness on the back of your wrist near the thumb side. Your pain may increase during gripping activities. Some people experience a deep dull pain that comes and goes during rest.

Colles Fractures can be painful and include swelling just above your wrist. You may not be able to lift or hold lightweight objects. Your arm may appear deformed just above the wrist, because of the backward angle of the fractured bone.